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A Master and a Slave {Emma & Vanessa}


Emma whined slightly as Vanessa bit her  lip, looking up at her with lust in here eyes. Her eyes widened even more as she produced the sex toy, her mind immediately drifting to imagine Vanessa fucking her roughly with it. “A game sounds perfect,” Emma said with a giggle before tossing her a wink. She shuddered as her soaking wet pussy was exposed, writhing a little on the floor, “It’s you that’s got me so wet,” she purred, looking down at Vanessa with a seductive smirk. She moaned softly as she felt Ness’s tongue sliding up her slit, her eyes falling shut as she pushed her hips upwards. She thought Vanessa was going to torture her with teasing but a loud moan passed her lips as she felt three of her slender fingers shoving them into her pussy. “Th-Th-The hard way,” she chocked out.

"The hard way, huh?" Vanessa licked her lips and dragged her fingers slowly out of her pussy. She reached for her largest strap on and hooked it around her curvaceous hips, sliding between Emma’s thighs. Vanessa looked at her from beneath her lashes, smirking at the sight of her so desperate. She nestled the head of the strap on into the sopping folds of Emma’s pussy and opened her mouth, pretending to gasp. "You like that, huh?" Vanessa reached for her breasts and gently massaged them, rubbing her thumbs over the hard nipples as though they were silk, pushing them together and releasing them slowly. "Well…" She said, pulling Emma’s legs to hook around her waist. "Only a slut would like that.” Vanessa was snarling. “I’m going to teach you a lesson, you filthy slut.” And with that, she rammed the cock so deep into her that it had been swallowed entirely. She rammed into Emma over and over again, savagely rubbing her clit as though she had been possessed. “Take it, Emma! Take my massive fucking cock like a whore!”

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A Master and a Slave {Emma & Vanessa}


Emma couldn’t help but smirk as Vanessa complimente how good she was. Her compliment was reassured when she felt Vanessa’s pussy press against her thigh and felt it becoming moist as it rubbed against her. She let out a small whimper as her breasts were exposed the cold air, digging her teeth into her lip as she did so. “It feels amazing, master,” she chocked out in a moan as her nipples were flicked by Vanessa’s tongue.

Vanessa growled and gripped Emma’s beautiful tits harshly. She bit Emma’s bottom lip and looked at her sexily. “Want to play a game?” Vanessa cooed, leaning to a draw and pulling out a sex toy that she hid from Emma, until she was ready. The brunette crawled between the blonde’s legs and pushed them open, ripping the panties and gasping at the sight of her pussy. “You’re getting your juices all over my carpet, baby.” Ness purred, swaying between her slender thighs and running her tongue painfully slowly up her slit. “Mmm. Baby, you taste amazing.” Vanessa whispered into her. She pushed a single finger deep inside her pussy and slowly brought it out again, sucking on her finger. “Are we doing this the easy way…?” Vanessa asked coyly, stroking Emma’s folds just once. “Or the hard way?!” She snarled, plummeting three fingers deep inside of her.